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We specialize in Conscious Audio and Video Production, as well as Graphic and Website Design. Starchild Productions is a full of service digital ministry.

Our mission is to utilize today's cutting edge digital technologies to raise the conscious vibration of planet Earth and her peoples.

Our first production was a 3 CD set of Live Kirtan Chanting led by Bhagavan Das.

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Bhagavan Das CD Cover Beautiful recordings of live Kirtan led by a master of devotional chanting are finally here!

As Bhagavan Das himself says, "These recordings have the BHAV." The bhav is the "juice", the divine essence channeled straight from God.

Few studio recordings have ever really captured the bhav. That is why live recordings such these are so precious.
Get your copies today!

Starchild Productions is a calling of
Rev. David Phillips

All increase received from this calling goes to support
Vibrant Life Ministries

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