Kobucha Jun
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Kombucha Jun
Here at Healing Springs it is our goal to offer the public healthful beverages of superior flavor and quality.

We offer two unique refresher drinks made with the age old healing combination of apple cider vinegar and honey, an herbal blend of rosehips and hibiscus, seven flavors of Kombucha and two flavors of the cultured beverage known as Jun.

Jun is a unique fermented beverage similar to Kombucha, the ancient fermented tea drink which has become increasingly popular in recent years. Like Kombucha, Jun is made of tea that is fermented with sugar and living probiotic cultures which produces a sweet and effervescent drink that is known to provide many health benefits. Jun is similar in taste to Kombucha, although slightly sweeter and with more of a sparkle. Healing Springs Herbal Drinks currently makes two different flavors of Jun, Jasmine and Elderberry Damiana. Both have been well received at stores where they are being sold, and we have received a great amount of positive feedback from individuals who have tried the drinks, many of whom say it is the best tasting probiotic fermented beverage they have tasted. We invite you to give them a try.

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