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The Potency Principles

Sexual Healing Potency Principles

My new book "The Potency Principles" is offered as a set of sexual energetic guidelines to help you bridge the thin line between sexuality and spirituality.

Sexual energy, representing the "spark of life," is the ultimate creative energy of the universe. While it is a natural, powerful, and pleasurable part of who we are, many of us have a complicated relationship with our sexuality that results in mixed messages and conflicts. Sadly, millions of us have unhealthy feelings about our sexuality ranging from embarrassment and guilt to gluttony and obsession. However, by mastering the ability to savor and extend the escalating orgasmic build-up, without genital release, you can learn to elevate and expand your consciousness way beyond the limiting and unnecessary constraints of your sexual programming. My mission, therefore, is to inspire within you a re-interpretation of your own sexual behavior. You now have the opportunity to learn how to generate, contain, and transform sexual energy in order to accelerate your spiritual growth. Power to the people!

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